About Us

About S.H.A.

Southern Horsemen Association (S.H.A) promotes interest in gaited and non-gaited horses by hosting and encouraging participation in horse shows, trailrides, horse racing,rodeo events, etc. We are also advocates for positive horsemanship and sportsmanship, especially among our youth. SHA provides a friendly, family oriented environment that includes equine and non-equine related activities to encourage unity in our communities. Our Association as a whole joins together to share experiences, help organize charity events, and provide social interaction for members and the general public. For more information please email: info@southernhorsemen.com or call: 769-798-9412

What is “Bridging The Gap”?

Bridging The Gap is an expression that Southern Horsemen Association made popular due to a new experience of Trailriding, and Zydeco music in Texas November, 2013. Bridging The Gap simply means to forge a connection between people, groups and cultures where there is a great difference… But who also share something in common with one another… But, most importantly to recognize a need for humanity to come together as one, learning, and enjoying new experiences…. What’s Going On In Your City?